About me - Bernard Solomon

Hi. My name is Bernard. I work as a Business Intelligence and Analytics consultant and I love my work. I have to because it helps me pay the bills. I would love to reach a stage where my actual love, photography, could pay the bills instead. If only ....

This site is where I will be putting up my best work. You will see that the images here are copyrighted / watermarked. If you are interested in purchasing any of them, you could get in touch with me directly  via email and I will discuss the sale with you.

More than selling my work, however, I will be content with people just looking at my work and giving me feedback. While appreciation is appreciated, I would welcome constructive criticism more. I like to show the world as I see it with my eyes and if anyone can for a short time share in the wonder I feel, I would feel blessed.

My gear is made up of a Nikon D610 and a Nikon D7000. I have recently purchased a Sony NEX5 and till Nikon does not turn up with a good mirror-less camera, this would be the camera that is in my bag the most. I shoot with a number of lenses from a number of manufacturers. While I am in love with my gear, I feel, like many others like me that it is your effort and eye that counts more than anything else.